After sales service & maintenance

GamidaTECH : your partner for medical & biomedical equipments maintenance

Control, calibration & adjustment of your ECME

Simulators, analyzers and biomedical testers (Fluke, Metron, Biotek, DNI, Dale...)

Our after sales service Team is specialized and benefits from a solid experience in equipment maintenance.

Preventive or curative maintenance of your medical equipments

(GamidaTECH, CSZ, Deltex, and more...)

Real After Sales Service, we are commited to providing a support during all the product's life, to optimize its use as long as possible.s

ISO 13485 certification

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Research & Developement

Commited to answering users' everyday needs, our R&D team is always looking for innovative medical devices.
Together with specialized practitioners, we aim to developing tomorrow's healthcare products.

an overview of our achievements

Some examples for our manufactured products.


Intraperitoneal Hyperthermia System

Performance fully dedicated to intraperitoneal hyperthermia.


Rapid Infusion Pump &Warmer

Dedicated to the thermo-regulated fluid management,
efficient from low flow rate to massive transfusion.

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